The Dark and Deep Web

Exploring the Hidden Web

Difference between 3 layers

The internet is actually made of three different layers: the surface web, the deep web and the dark web.

Surface web (4% of internet) — The part that is accessible to everyone. where you can find google, wiki, Bing yahoo and use it to for your daily tasks through normal web browser like chrome , safari etc.

Deep web (90% of internet) — The deep web is that part of the Internet which is not indexed on any search engine, doesn’t have any specified URL, but it does exist all the same, and exciting fact that all Banks, government,

Dark web 6% (subset of deep web) — mainly used for illegal activities on internet. e.g : Drug supply, contract murder, Hacking, getting Premium account with low price, etc. These are not accessible through normal web browser.

Deep Web

The Government organisations or others store many important documents in the DEEP WEB. They have a direct link which can easily take them to the page. But they don’t share it with the common people. For common people like us , we need a special kind of a browser named TOR that we will talk about it later in details. But for now you should know that this browser is different from chrome and all others. The Deep Web contains huge amount of information. It is of anything that you want to know about. It also contains many important and top secret documents of government and other
organisations. Hence it is stored in the Deep Web with top securities and passwords. It can only be surfed once you get the link of it or any kind of special browsers.
For instance, your accounts on the deep web contain a lot of your personal information that criminals might value. And each time you log into an account you’re accessing deep web content that won’t show up on a search engine. That’s one reason why it’s important to use strong, unique passwords on all your accounts. That might include a hard-to-guess combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
And For Some other people, privacy is a big concern on the internet. They might want control over the personal information that standard internet service providers and websites collect on them.
You can also find Legal documents, scientific reports because Good people use it too ,like journalists they need to protect their identity and communications from state and private surveillance.
So i guess we agree that the contains mostly harmless data, give the Freedom of Speech, and accces to the largest virtual libraries you could imagine.

Dark Web

For instance, here’s a sample of illegal things you can find on the dark web.
You can buy credit card numbers, all manner of drugs, guns, stolen subscription credentials, hacked Netflix premium accounts and software that helps you break into other people’s computers. Buy login credentials to a $50,000 Bank of America account for $500.
As It can get ugly fast. To get Weapon Trading and Hit-men for hire, trafficking, body parts,
In short, you can buy just about anything you can imagine — including things you’d probably be better off not imagining.

The trading currency ?

What makes it possible to do business on the dark web? Financial transactions use Bitcoin, the untraceable cryptocurrency that helps assure buyers and sellers without reaviling their identity .
A fact that you should know that the dark web has been a big factor in the growth of bitcoin

So Shoutout for the “Youtubers” that pretend they bought something from dark web and received it between their hands.


Tor or The Onion Router allows a person to browse the web anonymously by hiding the identity of the user. And the the next node destination IP address Means It protects the user from any traffic analysis and network spying.
Now The normal websites have number of extensions , such as ‘ .com’ , ‘ .gov’ , etc. But the extention of the websites on the DEEP WEB is ‘.onion’. The TOR Browser gives a route to these websites.
Anybody can easily install it on one’s terminal. It also keeps us anonymous till a certain level. However, finding the material you’re looking for on the dark web is more difficult than using a search engine like Google.

Now, one may ask , “Is there any rule to surf it?”. The answer is YES It does have some rules to follow.

Let’s see what are those

You need to download a VPN : VIRTUAL PRIVTAE NETWORK to create a direct tunnel between you and the internet so it will be hard for hackers and gov to watch what you are doing or steal your information.

  • Some good VPN to use : such as NordVPN or hotsopt shield
  • You need to have knowledge abot the TOR Browser.
  • Keep the TOR Browser window in the same size as it opens or someone can trace your activity.
  • Before surfing any Deep Web website , you need to do some research. Because , while surfing , you don’t know whether the website is legal or not. If the website is illegal and the government is tracing you , then you will be arrested quickly.

Data protection without getting under the surface?

Can i protect my data without going into deep web ?

yes sure Check This out.

  • DuckDuckGo helps you in complete privacy by not tracking and storing your search history and other activities.
  • Use a good VPN
  • Don’t reply or open any suspecisous links or emails
  • Don’t share your personal data


So If you decide to go under the hood, you may not be pleased with what you will see. Protect your identity because it is better to be safe than sorry and don’t underestimate the dark side, so if u still choose ur daring enough to go there do so at your own risk and good luck you’re gonna need it.

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Computer Engineering Student, i’ve got a big passion in Computer Technology, programming and in solving problems. Https:// 💖

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Ahed Bahri

Computer Engineering Student, i’ve got a big passion in Computer Technology, programming and in solving problems. Https:// 💖